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Raw materials: PELLET

THE PELLET, a semi-finished product, ,

is the core of snack industry since its characteristics – shape, texture and partly the taste – determine the characteristics of the edible snack achieved after expansion. The inventor of pellets used the same expansion principle of “pop-corns”, creating a starchy matrix with a vitreous structure, which “bursts” when submitted to powerful thermic treatment.

Raw materials with high quantity of starch are necessary to obtain an amorphous vitreous structure once it is gelatinised and dried.

In the past, pellets were manufactured in manual way, by means of dough vapour cooking, cut and finally sun-dried. Nowadays, highly sophisticated technologies are used to mix powder ingredients, to extrude and cook the dough, to shape the pellet. Die forming, stamping, piercing, are traditional systems of shaping the pellet, while the most recent technologies allow to obtain 3D and pillow shapes by conveying and cutting two sheets of dough together.

A pellet-based snack offers SIGNIFICATIVE ADVANTAGES in comparison with natural potato crisps, in terms of
Profitability thanks to:

  • higher selling price, due to the uniqueness of the snack;
  • reduced investments for processing lines and manufacturing facilities;
  • easy transportation and handling of pellets which have long term stability of their characteristics and do not need strict storing conditions. That is why pellets can be delivered everywhere world-wide;
  • absence of extra-costs for decontamination of water wastes or potato scraps;
  • simple know-how required for frying, flavouring and packing, which reduces the number of workers and the required skills to run the manufacturing operation.

Marketing opportunities thanks to:

  • the possibility of creating new, original and exclusive snack concepts, by co-operating with the right partner: MAFIN, the most experienced, innovative and creative pellets manufacturer in the world. We put at your disposal the widest assortment of original pellets, offering you the best quality and a know-how developed during more than 60 years of business in extrusion technology;
  • the possibility of offering customers an extremely wide variety of snack concepts which satisfies even the most demanding snacks consumers looking for products ‘low fat’, ‘high in fiber’, ‘high in wholegrain’, ‘low salt’, etc….

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